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About the Project

Project mission & Goals

Seniors4Change is dedicated to empowering seniors for a sustainable and digitally inclusive future. Our mission focuses on leveraging their knowledge for environmental action and bridging the digital divide, aiming for a world where every generation contributes to a greener, more connected society.

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Promote Sustainable Practices: Encouraging seniors to adopt and advocate for eco-friendly habits and DIY techniques.

Enhance Digital Literacy: Equip seniors with essential digital skills, focusing on social media and online tools.

Foster Intergenerational Learning: Create opportunities for knowledge and experience exchange between generations.

Develop Educational Resources: Produce comprehensive training materials and online learning platforms.

Community Building: Establish a supportive network for seniors, enabling collaboration and shared initiatives.

Document and Share Progress: Compile reports and case studies to track the impact and success of the project.

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Action Plan

Our Action Plan outlines the strategic steps Seniors4Change will undertake to achieve our mission of empowering seniors for a sustainable future. This structured approach is designed to ensure impactful learning, meaningful engagement, and tangible outcomes, guiding our journey towards a digitally inclusive and environmentally conscious society.

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National Report on Best Practices and Focus Groups01/04/2024

This initiative involves gathering sustainable DIY practices through focus groups in each partner country. The findings will be compiled into national and transnational reports, aiming to underline and share effective strategies for environmental sustainability.


Training Manual01/10/2024

A manual will be created, encapsulating the best DIY practices for combating climate change, enriched with content from state-of-the-art analyses. This manual serves as a comprehensive guide to training seniors, showcasing the role of DIY activities and social media in environmental advocacy.


Training Sessions01/08/2025

These sessions will enable seniors from each partner country to actively engage with the training content developed. By participating, seniors will apply the sustainable practices outlined in the manual, enhancing their skills in digital literacy and environmental stewardship.