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Empowering Seniors for a Sustainable Future

Change Through Sustainable Practices & Digital Engagement

We're empowering seniors with digital literacy and sustainable practices for environmental change. Learn how we're contributing to a greener, more connected world.

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About the Project

Seniors4Change will leverage the collective wisdom and experience of seniors to pioneer innovative, sustainable DIY practices, bridging generational divides and driving a greener future.

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  • Intergenerational Collaboration: Fostering cooperation between generations to share knowledge and skills.
  • Digital Empowerment: Bridging the digital divide for seniors, enhancing their social media and technological skills.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Encouraging seniors to engage in sustainable practices and climate action.
  • Educational Outreach: Developing training and e-learning resources for seniors in sustainable DIY practices.
  • Community Engagement: Involving seniors in collaborative projects and discussions to amplify their voice.
  • Resource Development: Creating manuals, videos, and reports to disseminate knowledge and document the project's impact.
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Objectives and Goals

Seniors4Change aims to create a dynamic, eco-conscious community where seniors lead the way in sustainable living and digital literacy.

Promote Sustainable Practices

Encouraging seniors to adopt and advocate for eco-friendly habits and DIY techniques.

Enhance Digital Literacy

Equip seniors with essential digital skills, such as social media and online tools.

Foster Intergenerational Learning

Create opportunities for knowledge exchange between generations.

Develop Educational Resources

Produce comprehensive training materials and online learning platforms.

Community Building

Establish a supportive network for seniors, enabling collaboration.

Document and Share Progress

Compile reports and case studies to track the impact and success of the project.

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Working hand in hand to build a stronger, more sustainable future with seniors.



E-Seniors, established in 2005, is a non-profit organization combating e-exclusion by providing ICT access and training to seniors and disabled individuals. It bridges the digital gap between generations, fosters social participation, and encourages active use of free time. E-Seniors offers ICT courses, interactive gaming in elderly residences, and intergenerational activities to promote social cohesion. The organization addresses challenges faced by seniors, investing in applications for independent living and health. With a team of expert educators, it actively contributes to European lifelong projects, advocating for active and inclusive aging.



BICC is a non-governmental organisation with over 25 years of expertise in business and social development, entrepreneurship training, financial consulting, and B2B services. In addition to our work with businesses, BICC–Sandanski is deeply committed to empowering the NGO and CSO sectors. It actively collaborates with non-profit organisations, offering them specialised training, capacity-building programs, and consultancy services tailored to their unique needs. BICC's educational initiatives include a broad array of training sessions and mentoring circles to enhance entrepreneurial, employability, digital, and social media skills across age groups. With six full-time professionals, BICC delivers a diverse portfolio of services in project management, business support, and networking, alongside training in business development, mentoring, social entrepreneurship, and local socio-economic advancement.

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BIT Management

BIT management Beratung GmbH is part of bit group, which is the largest private training provider in Austria. Since 1996 , the company has been active in the consulting and training sector and succesfully managed and completed many international projects. The main focus of business is on the following areas: national and international projects, consulting and training in the field of environment and sustainability, training and consulting services in the field of entrepreneurship, result-oriented, tailormade trainings in the fields of personality development, leadership, team development, HR-management, sales, project management, logistics and an academy for nursing and health.



KMOP, established in 1977, is one of the oldest civil society organisations in Greece offering social support services and implementing various programs aimed at empowering and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities. KMOP established KMOP Education & Innovation Hub, with the aim to create a knowledge hub that offers access to a wide range of educational programmes, resources and trainings, capitalizing on the knowledge that the organization has gained from its extensive work in the field. Our training programmes provide individuals with the tools and skills they need to success in all aspects of life and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future for all. Find out more:



LOBA is the first customer experience agency in Portugal, established in 2000. It is made of a successful team composed of more than 120 collaborators: from marketers to designers to developers. Created in 2010, the European Projects Department leverages from LOBA’s competences and experience in marketing and communication, to provide the following services: branding and project identity, marketing activities, dissemination and exploitation of results, communication activities, design and production of promotional material and merchandising, social media management, SEO and SEM management, and PR management. The entire LOBA team contributes to the execution of the tasks that are managed by the European Projects Department.

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